Metalumen's new QuickShip Program* is now available for the following products:

GRANDE RM4D [download]

GRANDE RM4DI [download]

RAIL RM2D [download]

RAIL RM2DI [download]

STAIL RMEP6 [download]

STAIL RMEP8 [download]




1. Shipment within 10 business days.
2. Day one begins next business day after order is entered (order entered as QuickShip is automatically released by the system).
3. Order must be designated with "QS" in front of the part number.
4. Available only at 3500K and 80 CRI.
5. Available with dual circuit wiring.
6. All luminaires offered only in standard finishes.
7. No integral control options.
8. No louvers.
9. No changes or cancellations permitted after receipt of order.
10. Large orders are subject to review. We will do our best to accommodate.
11. Minimum 20 linear feet per order or 5 units of standard runs to qualify for QS program.
12. Installing contractor is responsible to ensure that fixture wiring adheres to local codes.
13. All other standard Metalumen Terms and Conditions apply.

* not applicable for all configurations