Expedite Program

FROM QS TO EXPEDITE - The focus is ‘ON-TIME’ delivery!

For Ease of Doing Business, Metalumen’s Expedite program is inclusive of all products and all orders utilizing standard products.


  1. Request in writing an expedite date from your CSR
  2. Customer Service Rep (CSR) gets back to you with a revised date
  3. Accept the revised expedited date

Metalumen’s expedite process may be used to request a shipment in shorter than the lead time given at the time of a FINAL release. Expedite requests will only be processed for standard products (as stated on spec sheets) for those orders with all details available. An actual requested ship date must be provided in order for the expedite process to be initiated and completed (i.e. Metalumen will not assess an ‘ASAP’ request). No expedited dates are available within 2 weeks of a final release date due to plant capacity and material requirements.  Customers can expect an answer on an expedite request within 24 hours of request.


Metalumen commits to a continuous supply of quality products and services and look forward to your continued support